Protecting Your Home From Water Damage

The number one culprit that weakens the foundations of your home is water damage. Just like your body has core strength, your house does too. Water damage attacks the core and causes it sever structural damage. Damp wood is also an open season for termites and carpenter ants. It also causes mildew and mold in your home.

Mentioned below are several tips that will help you prevent water damage to your home. They will also give you peace of mind the next time a heavy storm hits your area.

Clean out the downspouts and gutters

It is recommended that you clean you gutters at least twice a year to prevent ice dams and blockage. The standing water could not only damage your gutters but, the roof as well. The unmanaged overflow is likely to form puddles that eventually weaken the foundation. Moreover, cleaning the downspouts ensures that water flows through with ease. Secure the downspouts in a way that they point in the direction opposite to your home.

Disconnect the hoses

You may not be aware of the fact that standing water in your hose can freeze while in the pipe. This creates an ice block and in some cases, stops your water flow. Worst case scenario would include your pipes bursting and causing long term damage to the floor, walls and foundation of your home.

Minimize trees and vegetation

The trees and thriving shrubs around your home will certainly add an appeal to it. But, what will happen if the roots wrap themselves around the pipes and cause them to break? To keep the pipes safe, it is essential that the landscaping is kept at a minimum near them. You may want to get rid of any shrubs or trees that have grown too much and are in the vicinity of the utility pipes.

Look for leaks and fix them right away

Avoiding rectifying moisture damage can lead to mildew and mold in home. If you continue to delay making vital repairs to control water damage, your home will have to suffer. You may even have to experience dry rot and long lasting structural damage.

Even If you have homeowner’s insurance, it will only pay for accidental and sudden damage. It will not cover any damage that results from lack of maintenance on your part.

Familiarize yourself with the water main

Find out where your water main is located. If you are going somewhere for a significant period of time, be sure to turn it off. If left on, the faucet drips can wreak havoc and cause damage to your home!

Check appliances regularly

Keep an eye on your appliances and be sure to maintain them. Use the manufacturer’s directions to prevent any leaks.

Water damage is a situation that everyone wants to avoid. It only degrades the foundations and beauty of your home. But, using the tips above can help your avoid anything from minor leaks to major overflows. They will help keep your home and you secure.