Caravan Maintenance Tips you Should Know

Your mobile caravan is your home away from home and it also requires attention year-round. This is an investment and it is certainly worth protecting and maintaining. With regular maintenance, you can prevent small problems from becoming dangerous and expensive one. Moreover, caravan servicing can also help in extending its life and it ensures that it will be ready when you are in the mood for wandering. Some of the tips that can help you out are:

Wheels, brakes and jockey wheels

Tires need to be checked for signs of cracks, perishing in sidewalls any unusual bulges. Rims have to be checked for cracks and buckles. All wheel nuts need to be tightened and tire pressure should be checked. The handbrake needs to engage and release properly. Check the condition of the cables and look for any rust or corrosion. As for the jockey wheel, make sure the wheel and handle turn freely, check bolt/clamp for easy operation and keep an eye out for stress fractures and rust.

Power, gas and water

Inspect the water storage, electrics and gas. Check all appliances including the heating system, cooker and fridge for leaks so they are working correctly. As for electrics, you need to check if all lights are working and all broken bulbs should be replaced. Batteries should be fully charged and in good condition. Empty stale water from water tanks.

Know your limits

If the problem is serious and you cannot address it, go for professionals. Mobile caravan servicing by experts can help in identifying any problem and they can also fix it properly to ensure it doesn’t lead to future issues. They will keep you informed every step of the way and treat your vehicle in the best possible way.

Follow these tips and you can ensure your caravan remains in top working condition.