Your menu and location are the two most important ingredients you need to work on if you want to have a successful food truck business. You have to offer dishes that excite customers and keep them coming back. You also have to choose the right area or locations to serve your patrons too.

There is another key element you should consider prioritising if you want to push your food truck’s success to greater heights: marketing. By putting the right amount of effort into advertising your business properly through both digital and traditional means, you can gain more customers and retain their loyalty.

One of the advertising strategies you can look into to promote your food business is commercial vehicle branding.

Your truck holds a large blank canvas that will only be a waste of space if you do not use it as a marketing platform. Its exterior is the perfect backdrop for the text messages and images you want people to know about your business.

If your food truck roves around, a well-thought-out wrap design can turn it into an effective mobile advertising tool, one that can help you attract more customers and boost brand visibility and recognition.

Crafting the Perfect Wrap Design for Your Food Trucks

To turn your food trucks into additional effective branding and mobile advertising platforms, follow these tips for creating the right design for their wraps:

Decide on a colour scheme

Your choice of colours for your design will make a significant impact on how your truck can catch the attention of viewers. Because of this, you have to select the hues you will use for your vehicle wrap carefully.

Using the colour palette you stated in your official brand style is a good starting point for selecting the right hues for your vehicle wrap. By doing so, you will be sure your food truck will represent your business and work with your branding strategy.

And as much as possible, pick bright colours. These hues make your trucks more noticeable and draw attention quickly and as such, will continuously work as advertising platforms whether they are parked or moving.

However, avoid putting several different vibrant hues; stick to only two or three.

Choose the right messages to place on the design

Although your food truck’s exterior is larger than that of a car or a van’s, it doesn’t mean you have to cram every space on it with some type of content.

The most vital details that people should be able to read on your food truck are your brand name, social media account name or handles, website address, and your catchphrase or slogan if it is short and catchy.

Remember to keep the messages to a minimum since if your design has too many texts, the longer it will take for the audience to focus on the truck’s central message. Moreover, the chance that they will remember it will be lower.

When choosing fonts for your messages, make sure they belong to your chosen typeface. Additionally, make sure the typography fits with your brand personality and select one or two fonts for the whole design.

Lastly, make sure their sizes are easy to read even from a distance.

Ensure your logo stands out on the design

Your logo should be one of the most noticeable elements on your food truck wrap. Make sure it is the right size; people should be able to see it from a distance whether the vehicle is moving or not.

Additionally, make sure the logo is a replica of your official emblem. This means avoiding changing its colour, font, and other elements because you think they will look better on the vehicle.

Bear in mind that consistency is crucial in branding and marketing. If you want all your customers to recognize your business immediately and connect it with the excellent experience they always get with ordering from your food truck, start by prioritising the uniformity of your logo and other brand elements.

Don’t forget your visual elements

Help your target audience visualize your menu items by adding images and graphics that represent your offerings to your truck wrap design.

Select visual elements that are relevant to your business. You can have a professional photographer take pictures of your most popular dishes or ones that you want to promote. Make sure these images are accurate representations of your menu items so that people know what to expect.

If you are using graphics, make sure they have a simple design.

However, whether you use images or graphics, always use them sparingly.

Think about adding your menu on the design

If you don’t want to keep bringing out or hanging a large whiteboard when you are ready for service, consider adding your menu to your food truck’s wrap design.

This is something worth considering if your menu is not extensive and you are sure that you will be sticking with it for a long time.

If you want to add the menu to your design, you don’t have to use large fonts or let it occupy a large space. Since the people who would use them are the ones who are ready to buy, it does not have to be big and noticeable from afar. You only have to ensure that your customers can read the items when ordering.

Ensure the design covers all sides

Lastly, your food truck is three-dimensional. As such, make use of this fact; consider having your vehicle wrapped entirely. This means creating a design that can be seen from all sides.

If you are considering this option, make sure the design is complete when the service window is open. You can do this by placing your name, logo, and other key information away from this area.

Additionally, think about extending the wrap to cover the roof, particularly if you have roving food trucks, to ensure people working and living in tall buildings will know about your business. Simply placing your logo and website address on this part of your vehicle will help you get more leads and customers.

Your food trucks can only be effective mobile advertising and branding platforms if you come up with the right wrap design. Aside from following these tips, consider working with car wrap designers to create the perfect layout for your fleet.