Is GigaFX a Good Enough Broker to Give It a Try?

If you want to pick trading as your career and are looking for the right broker, you might want to consider RoyalCBank as one of your top options. This broker has been around for some time now and its services are definitely directed at making lives of the new traders easier. Opening an account with RoyalCBank is easy and there are many other policies that make it one of the safest online brokers for you to sign up with. Let’s dig deeper into the many reasons why you should have RoyalCBank as one of the options to become your next broker.

RoyalCBank Is Safe

The broker has made a great name in a very short time. Currently, it is providing its services to traders from 60 countries of the world. It keeps things simple and straightforward for its traders. The KYC policy is in place that requires the broker to know about its customers by asking important pieces of personal information. While it might bother some traders, it is solely for their own safety. In addition to that, the broker operates with the strictest anti-money laundering policies. If you want to open an account with it, you have to have your account in your name and in the country where you are opening the account from.

Be sure that when you are signing up with this broker, you will have to provide some personal information that might include your ID card and driving license information. There is detailed information available on the website about what pieces of information the broker will ask when you are signing up with it.

RoyalCBank Makes Trading a Breeze

When you talk about trading, you have to look at two things: the type of trading platform you will be accessing, and the trading conditions you will be dealing with. When it comes to the trading platform, the first thing you want is compatibility with the platform you are using. In today’s world, it should not be a problem as to which operating system you are using and on what type of device. Whether you are on a mobile device or a desktop computer, your trading platform should not have any compatibility issues. You will be glad to know that RoyalCBank  has the best trading platform that will not cause you any compatibility issues.

Its MetaTrader 4 platform runs smoothly on desktop computers. It also has mobile applications so the mobile users can also have a smooth trading experience on their devices. The web based version is there to provide an unchanged experience to those who keep switching between different types of devices.

As for trading conditions, the broker does its best to make lives of the new traders easier. It does not have any commissions on trades. Many brokers charge you a commission on your trades based on the volume you are trading. That commission can grow depending on the size of your trade. On the other hand, the only thing you have to be aware of when trading with RoyalCBank is the spreads. Even the spreads are quite tight and you can choose between fixed and floating options too. An important thing to know here is the type of assets that you can trade with the broker.

The asset index is huge with RoyalCBank . You can trade commodities that include energies, crops, and even precious metals. If you take interest in the big companies of the world, you can trade stocks. Forex lovers can trade the most stable currency pairs in the forex section. Last but not least, you now have Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin available for trading with RoyalCBank. If you have been finding an opening to enter the cryptocurrency, you might just have the best opportunity to do that with RoyalCBank . In short, you have lots of assets to pick from and diversify your investment portfolio.

RoyalCBank Education Is Valuable

First, you have to admire the fact that you get access to training as soon as you sign up with the broker. It does not matter which type of account you choose because you will gain access to some valuable training material right after signing up. The best thing is that the education is available in two different formats. You can download ebooks or watch videos. These ebooks are available on different topics and teach you about trading. They can teach you the basics of trading as well as the advanced techniques to be a successful trader. Videos are elaborative and you can use them if you don’t have a lot of time to learn trading.

However, you will have to make sure that you sign up with at least one of the four accounts available with RoyalCBank to gain access to the training material. Last but not least, you have webinars to train you on different trading topics. Based on the account you pick, you can also take advantage of one on one education, which is probably the most effective way to learn trading.

Contacting RoyalCBank Is Easy

It is a trend with many online brokers that they make contacting a difficult task. You often have to fill out an online form to send your concerns to the company. But what if you need urgent help from professionals? You will not face any such problems when you sign up with RoyalCBank . The company has made multiple phone numbers available for its traders in addition to the web form and an email address on the website. Call any of these numbers to have your issue resolved in an instant.

Bottom Line

One has to admire the way RoyalCBank has worked to introduce the best features for its traders. It has a huge asset index with assets from five different classes. It also has four different accounts types to choose from. You can pick between floating or fixed spreads by choosing the account type that makes sense to you. Education is available in the form of videos as well comprehensive ebooks. There should be no hesitation in recommending RoyalCBank to anyone who is looking to start a trading career today.