Arcadia, Odessa Ukraine

With active trading ports, Odessa, Ukraine welcomes countless people coming from abroad who stay several nights to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful town whilst doing their business or work. While the city is divided into many beautiful small and big areas to stay in, some of those get a special ovation as well as tourists’ attention, and Arcadia is certainly among one of them.

Why Arcadia?

The beautiful region of Arcadia is not only popular for its breathtaking seashore beauty but is also known as one of the best party places in Odessa. In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise to come across a chain of discos, clubs, and every kind of young vibe and entertainment, once you are in this vibrant region of Odessa. Simply say, Arcadia has so much to stay and enjoy with friends and even family remembers.

Renting an Apartment in Arcadia

While Arcadia has a number of accommodations, renting a condo or apartment can be the best choice in most cases. The majority of apartments in Arcadia is with sea view while some of are located within walking distance to main and slide Alley of Arcadia.

Some of these apartments are very close to popular nightclubs, such as, the Bono, Ithaca, and Ibiza. Also, there are also apartments that are located at short distance of prestigious restaurants and spa complex. Rental apartments are of different sizes and have different rooms. Many buildings are multistory building with up to 22 floors.

In addition to more than hundred listings of hotels, there is a huge range of renting apartments including those located in Arcadia. Most of these apartments offer rooms from low-end to highest quality ones depending on your requirements and budget.

Some of the popular apartments to rent in Arcadia are:

  • Palace of Arcadia

This is a newly constructed building in Arcadia where you would find two-room and three-room apartments available for rent. Known as Palace of Arcadia, most of the apartments in this building are panoramic seashore view. Likewise, you will find both furnished and unfurnished apartments. If you choose to rent a furnished apartment in arcadia, there are various equipment items, such as, air conditioner, refrigerator, boiler, washing machine, television, Wi-Fi internet, hair dryer, bed linen, dishes, and Jacuzzi. Prices for renting an apartment in Palace of Arcadia start from $176 weekend price, $1226 weekly price, and $5251 monthly price.

  • Elite complex

The Elite complex is located at a walking distance from Derisbasovjaya Street, city center by car. It is surrounded by famous night spots, restaurants, Water Park, beaches, and many other attractions. These apartments are various sizes areas starting from 750sqy which are usually in baroque style and an open terrace or balcony from where you can enjoy the marvelous view of seashore and the sea itself. Like other renting apartments in Arcadia, Odessa Ukraine the Elite Complex has both furnished and unfurnished apartment to offer for rent.

What to Consider for renting an Apartment in Arcadia

The Ukrainian city Odessa has a mixture of different religions and cultures. It is a beautiful city that attracts all nationalities and travelling lovers towards its splendor. When it comes to rental accommodation, Odessa boasts a large business of hotels, apartments, hostels and other options. There are a few elements that you should keep into consideration when renting an apartment in arcadia.

  • Know the Prices

Generally, accommodation prices in Odessa vary area to area and accommodation types.  Apartments tend to be reasonable enough in terms of prices and give you a feel of home away from home. While Arcadia is one of the most famous locations in Odessa, the options of renting an apartments may be a little bit of costly than other locations of the city.

  • Use Online Sources

Renting an apartment in Arcadia, Odessa should not be a difficult task to achieve. Like anything else, the internet has a plethora of information for renting accommodation in various Ukrainian cities including Odessa. Make a careful research to find out the accommodation of your choice and budget in different areas of this Ukrainian town, such as, Arcadia and central Odessa. Searching online also help you know about the updated rates and relevant information regarding different accommodation options, including apartments and hotels. Moreover, there are several websites that work as easy platform to make advance reservation for your chosen accommodation type. Some of those are affiliated with different promotions and discount offers which are significantly lower than reservation costs from the official websites of the hotel or rental apartment.

  • Prevent Scams

When it comes to use online platform to reserve an apartment in any tourist destination like Odessa Ukraine, it seems that deals are made between the agents and hotels at basic rates which tend to be lower than walk-in or standard rates of the same. However, when using the internet to reserve a rental apartment in Arcadia, it is important to ensure the site is VeriSign-supported and has Secured Socket Layer Protocols so your online payment details do not get compromised. If you are renting an apartment in Arcadia through the internet, make sure you do not become a victim of the scam and lose your hard-earned money.

  • Check in Requirements

When checking in a rental apartment, you would be asked to present your passport for security reasons. Likewise, most renting apartments and hotels charge a deposit at the time of check in. this amount is either adjusted in your stay price or returned at the time of checkout.

  • Amenities

Amenities in an apartment also vary from building to building and area to area though every apartment would have a basic room as well as a board presented in the apartment. Generally items like clean bed linen, towels, one-time slippers, miniature shower gel and shampoo, and all utensils and kitchen utensils, and high-speed Wi-Fi Internet.

If you are interested in spending your time with seashore vibes and beautiful nightlife adventure, the aforementioned information will surely help you know some important aspects which you may also like to consider for a comfortable experience of staying in Arcadia i.e. one of the most famous areas of Odessa.