Package Consolidation

Most people cannot resist shopping from online US stores. After all, there is such a huge variety of products available and you just want to have your favorites. The problem is the hefty shipping costs you have to pay to get them delivered to your home country. Sometimes, the stores may not ship overseas at all, which means you have to deprive yourself. If you want to get around any of these problems, you can opt for a package forwarding service that can provide you with a US mailing address where all your shopping merchandise can be delivered. But, how will it get to you?

These package forwarding services give the option of package consolidation; they consolidate all the online purchases you make, which means all your orders are first accumulated in the US at their warehouse and then shipped internationally. This is an easy and simple way of saving money by not paying separate shipping charges for every single purchase. Lots of US online stores give the option of free delivery in the country so you just have to deal with the cost of shipping only when the package consolidation service ships your parcels to you. Even then, you have to pay for only one package as they combine several parcels into one.

But, how do you go about using these package consolidation and forwarding services? Read on to find out:

  1. The first thing you need to do is find a reputable package consolidation and forwarding service, such as MAILSHIP ENTERPRISES INC. They provide their services to individuals and businesses and make it easy for you to shop from US stores and get your orders delivered in one go, right at your doorstep in a different country altogether. When you sign up for their services, you receive a US address, which is that of their warehouse. They collect the goods, package them in one and ship to your home address at very competitive rates.
  2. Before signing up with a service, it is recommended that you read up on their terms and conditions to ensure you are in agreement. Some of these services will open your packages and even send you pictures to help you confirm that you have received the right order.
  3. Make sure the package consolidation and forwarding service you choose offers the features you require, such as insurance and tracking. You may also want to find a service that repackages your orders to ensure they can be shipped internationally. They will pack them properly so they are not broken or damaged during shipment. In addition, you can also save on import duty with repackaging when you order designer products, such as shoes, handbags and clothing as the service will get rid of the boxes and package them in a simple way.

When you use the right package consolidating and forwarding service, you will be able to save more than 50 to 60 percent in shipping costs, which will make international online shopping quite affordable for you.