How to Pick a Flight Delay Compensation Company for Yourself

When your flight delays or the airline tells you at the last moment that you can’t board the plane, it is time for you to ask for some compensation. You will be surprised to know the amount of money that you can receive as a compensation for your flight delay. Here is how you will pick the company to file your flight compensation case.

How to Pick the Right Flight Compensation Company

Look for Success Rate

The first thing you have to look at is the success rate of the company. A company with a high success rate of its cases will mention it on the website. You would want to be with a company that has a success rate of at least 90%.

Find Short Settlement Period

The next big thing you want to check is the time the company promises you to solve your case. You can’t hang on to the compensation for a long time. In most cases, a month is enough for a company to get the compensation for you. Pick the company if majority of its cases is settled within a month.

Get Contingency Fee Plan

Why would you pay the company if it does not even get you the compensation you deserve? Instead, you will end up spending more money on top of the time you have already wasted due to the delayed flight. Look for a company that charges you its fees only when it wins the case for you.

Use a Calculator

You want to sign up with a company that provides you with free access to flight delay compensation calculator. With this calculator, you can know within a couple of minutes how much money you can get as compensation. If you think it is worth pursuing, go ahead and contact the company as well.

Make sure you call the company to get some free first consultation of your case. This way, the legal representatives figure out whether it is worth to pursue the compensation or not after looking at your case.