Retiring in Malta- Enjoy a Relaxed and Easy Lifestyle

Any foreigner who wishes to retire in Malta can find a number of visa options. These visas can also be renewed annually quite easily. All retirees get to enjoy numerous advantages, which include discounts on ferries, buses as well as affordable healthcare. If you are planning to retire in Malta, there are various benefits that you can enjoy. Firstly, it is one of the most densely populated and tiniest nation all over the world, which makes it immensely easy to navigate it. You can travel around Malta very quickly and easily.

The Malta Retirement Program (MRP)

The Maltese government started the Malta Retirement Programme with the sole purpose of attracting AU, EEA and Swiss citizens. It enables them to stay in the state as they receive their income from foreign sources. While these nationals can continue to enjoy the easy-going and comfortable lifestyle in Malta, the program doesn’t give them permission to work in the archipelago.

Applying for this program is also a very straightforward task and all successful applicants can benefit from a flat tax rate of 15% on any income that you earn in the country or get from overseas, as long as it is remitted to the country. No taxes are charged on any global income earned by an MRP member.


In order to qualify for the MRP, the application needs to be from EU, EEA and Swiss. They should also be willing to stay in Malta for at least 90 days in a year for 5 years. Furthermore, an applicant cannot stay in any other state for more than 183 days in a year. Furthermore, the applicant should also get a pension and should be able to provide a document as evidence of this fact. This pension should not be less than 75% of the applicant’s taxable income annually. Moreover, the applicant is also requirement to submit a recent and valid good conduct certificate from the police to prove that they are a fit and good person.

Another requirement is sickness insurance, which should be acceptable in the state. One thing that should be noted is that the applicant will not be able to benefit from another program if they are part of MRP. Under the MRP residence permit, individuals are now allowed to work or set up a business in Malta.

Even if you don’t qualify for this program, you can reside in Malta as a retiree.