Under Eyes Dark Circles: Causes, Remedies and Treatments

Under eyes, dark circles are a common problem faced by both genders nowadays, specifically people more than 16 years of age. Actually, the skin around your eyes is fragile in comparison to other parts and is very delicate too. These dark circles can make you appear older than you are and are common in both genders.

Causes of dark circles

The time you spot dark circles under your eyes is lack of sleep which you will only blame? As dark circles can be caused by ageing or else any other reasons which you never know. There can be many causes of dark circles, let’s understand this:

  • Ageing process leads to thinning of skin as the plumpness and collagen of skin decreases.
  • In case you rub and scratch the delicate skin under your eyes which leads to discoloration.
  • Many times dark circles can be genetic also as it runs in the family. Many times skin texture is a hereditary factor.
  • Any type of allergy to any product can lead to under eyes dark circles. Allergy can be from makeup, eye drops, and facial creams or else hair dyes.
  • Improper sleep is also the main cause of under eyes dark circles problem.
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight is the cause of excess melanin production and which causes dark circles.
  • Stress is also considered as the main killer of glowing skin and mostly contributes tiredness to your eyes.
  • Fluid retention can also contribute to dark circles as the delicate skin of eyes can become dilated and engorged. Smoking and excess dietary salt also leads to dark circles formation.
  • Iron deficiency can also be the cause of pigmentation around the eyes.

Treatments of dark circles

There are many treatments of dark circles which entirely depend on the causes. There are some medical treatments of dark circles also available to reduce its effect. Some of the treatments are

  • Laser surgery
  • Chemical peels
  • Medical tattoo
  • Tissue Fillers
  • Surgical implant

These medical treatments can help you to get rid of dark circles but are very much expensive too but you can easily get the doctor’s advice on the treatment by using 1mg Coupon Codes offer. They are painful also which requires a long time to recover. There are many remedies which you can try out to get rid of under eyes dark circles. With these remedies you can improve your appearance, just keep in mind to have patience as well as consistency while following the new routine. Some of them are:

Try to get proper sleep

By getting adequate sleep, you can reduce your dark circles effectively a sleep deprivation is also the cause. Lack of sleep makes your skin looks pale, so take care and try to sleep for at least eight hours a day to teat dark circles.

Apply tea bags

By applying tea bags, you can get rid of dark circles, and it will also help you to improve your overall appearance. Tea helps to stimulate blood circulation as it contains caffeine as well as antioxidants. Just soak green or black tea bags in hot water and chill it in the refrigerator for about fifteen minutes. Apply cold tea bags for twenty minutes to get desired results.

Using cucumbers

Cucumbers are considered as the best skin lightening method as it has mild astringent properties to fix dark circles problems naturally. You just have to chop fresh cucumber in thin slices and place it in the refrigerator. After thirty minutes take those cold cucumber slices and leave these on your eyes for only ten minutes to get them to relax.


Rose water is also known as the best way to rejuvenate tired skin. You can try out rose water to soothe your under eyes area, and it will work as a skin tone for you. Just soak apply rose water with the help of a cotton ball and rest for about ten minutes. To get desired results to apply it daily on your skin.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil has the capability to fight against the effect of free radicals that cause dark circles due to ageing and you can buy vitamin E oil by using Nykaa Sale offer at affordable price. You just have to apply the oil in your under eyes area to get rid of dark circles effectively. Also, massage your skin after applying and leave it overnight.

Eye Massager

There are many eye massagers are also available in the market which you should use to promote blood flow in your under eyes area. It is the best way to improve your eyes appearance by reducing dark circle effectively. After using eye massager just apply best eye serum or eye cream to get the best results.

Eye exercises

Regular eye exercises also enhance circulation and also works wonders for your skin. It is very helpful is changing dull color into brighter and also helps you to look younger looking skin too. You can also try out yoga exercises, swimming and many more activities to get a peaceful mind and good skin.

It is the fact that dark circles are an unappealing condition; however, by trying out above remedies, you can easily and effectively get rid of them. Just pay attention to your diet to with above-listed remedies to treat dark circles