Top Reasons Why Wired Networks are Still Better than Wi-Fi

There was a time when virtual reality was something that only existed in science fiction stories. Today, it has become our primary reality. These days, people can do everything online; from watching movies, socializing, shopping, dating, studying and reading to working online. We spent a major part of our lives on the internet and yet have come to take it for granted. The convenience of being able to access the internet from anywhere, whether you are at the airport, hotel in coffee shops and malls or anywhere else you can nab a free Wi-Fi hotspot cannot be denied. But, the question you need to ask is what you are giving up for that convenience?

Unless you are tech savvy, there is a good chance you have not heard of Ethernet cables. Put simply, this cable is used for transferring information, which means that it can be used for establishing a wired connection to the internet. So, why should you connect to the internet with a wire when it can be done wirelessly? Yes, wired technology is quite old, but there are some really good reasons why wired networks can actually be a better option than Wi-Fi. What are they? Let’s take a look:

Setting up and connecting

Connecting to a wireless network comes with its own share of problems and when there is a problem, it can be immensely difficult to troubleshoot. Not only is connecting to a wireless network difficult, setting it up can also cause a ton of headaches. Plus, the standards for network encryption also change constantly and keeping up with them can be tough. In such cases, having a wired network with Ethernet cables is an excellent idea.


There can be a variety of connection issues with wireless networks, especially when you try to access them at the edge of their range. It is also common for the router to crash and then it has to be reset. This is not a problem you face with wired networks and they rarely go down unless the power is out.


No one wants to wait, even for a few seconds, for a page to load or something to download. People had to wait for hours for something to download or load when they used dial-up and these were truly the dark days. With modern Ethernet cables, high speeds can be achieved, which are even faster than some of the Wi-Fi connections out there.


Another important aspect that makes wired networks extremely appealing is their security. Wireless networks have a horde of security issues due to which encryption standards have to be updated. No matter how strong measures you take, there is a possibility that you will get hacked. This is one issue you don’t have to worry when using Ethernet cables in a wired network as it is contained and physical connection is necessary for accessing information.

These are some great reasons to choose wired networks over Wi-Fi connections, especially when you handle sensitive information.