Who Is Using Forwarding Services and Why?


If you are active on the internet, you must have noticed that sudden increase in the number of forwarding companies. Forwarding the parcels of the people ordering from around the world has become quite an industry in the US. The US companies understand how much people from around the world want to order from the US retailers. They get quality products at great discounts when they order from the US retailers. But who is really using these services and why?

People Using the Forwarding Services

First, the shoppers are people who just want to buy something from themselves or their loved ones. These are people who want to buy a quality product that’s not available in their country. However, when they try to place the order on a US retailer, their physical address becomes a barrier. When they use a forwarding service, they get a US shipping address. This address allows them to place their orders and get them shipped to the US address. The forwarding service then forwards the parcels from that location to the shopper’s house.

In addition to people who are ordering for themselves, you have small businesses that have been taking advantage of the forwarding services. These businesses place lots of orders from the US retailers, and they then sell these products for profits in their countries. Forwarding services are a revelation for them because of how easy it becomes for them to manage the shipments. The reasons for them to use these services are many.

Why They Use Forwarding Services

The biggest reason to use forwarding services is the saving of money. They can save a lot of money on their shipments when they use forwarding services. The more items they order the more money they save. That’s because repackaging of items and consolidation of multiple orders can save them more than 80% on their shipment costs. In addition to that, forwarding services have a large network of shipping addresses in multiple states. They can help customers place orders in states where they don’t have to pay any sales taxes.

Some forwarding services can also offer additional discounts to their customers on their shopping when these shoppers shop from their network of retailers. In short, these savings help small businesses make a lot of money when they sell these items in their countries. As for individuals at home, they can order products that they otherwise cannot if they don’t have a US shipping address.

Final Thoughts

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