Indian Teenager Hemant Lochav Becomes India's Youngest Multi-Millionaire

Every now and then there is someone who makes the world wonder about the talent of humans. Sometimes, it is a singer that startles everyone with his/her voice and at other times, it is some young entrepreneurial mind that causes even the most genius businesspersons to be surprised. One such talent, an entrepreneurial mind that has been a source of awe for the ablest and most renowned businesspersons of the world is Hemant Lochav. This guy followed his strengths while other girls and guys of his age were busy using Facebook and completing assignments given by their teachers. Let’s get to know Hemant more.

A Short Introduction of Hemant Lochav

This amazing young brain rises from Delhi, India. In no time, he has been considered one of the biggest entrepreneurs of India with his value rising every day. He is one of the genius brains behind It is a website that has earned its reputation in India for providing the cheapest real estate services to the homeowners. The company he founded with one of his friends has touched a sky-high value of $22 million. That’s an achievement that hundreds of millions of people in the world can only dream of. He is fast becoming an inspiration for the youth in India.

Success is only one step of the ladder for Hemant who is growing in popularity as more and more people get to know about him in and out of the country. At the moment, he already has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram. He is active on other social networking platforms as well. When you look at him, he looks just like any other 20-year old guy who throws away opportunities while thinking that he has a lot of time ahead. However, it is how Hemant thinks that makes him intrinsically different from the rest of the guys of his age. He plays on his strengths and achieves.

He understands how to create a market from an existing system. That’s what he did when he founded He believed that the real estate market in India was overly expensive for property sellers. People had to give up to 2% of the price of their property to the sales agents for helping them sell their properties. On the other hand, Hemant came up with an idea that startled everyone. Through, he is providing the same property selling services for only 9,000 Indian Rupees to anyone in any corner of India.

Final Thoughts

Hemant believes that the secret to his popularity and the acceptance of his real estate services is a result of him paying attention to the biggest needs of the customers. He was sure that it was hurting property sellers a lot to pay 2% as commission to the real estate agents. Things changed for property sellers when they were able to sell their properties for a price that was 95% less than they were already paying to other sales agents while also receiving the same or better customer service. Hemant is probably the biggest star born in India in the recent times.