6 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe From Dangerous Insects

No one can bear to witness their pets going through painful infections. The owners love them like best friends. They take every possible action for the health of their pets such as feeding them with nutritious diets. The possessors also make them do regular exercises to keep their pets in best shape. They realize the fact that it is their responsibility to keep their pets safe from all kinds of health risks. These especially include those posed by ticks and fleas. The risks depend upon the locality of the owner, and they are advised to take precautions accordingly. Generally, everything from ants to wasps can leave a nasty bite that can cause any disease or an awful infection to your pet.

Poisonous bugs are a threat not only to your pets but also to you. It is mandatory that you take the necessary steps to eliminate these threats from your surroundings. You need to pay special attention when you have pets and children running around the house. However, one must make sure that the precautionary measures are safe for people and pets in the household. Reaching for a can of powerful bug spray or making use of unwelcome critters with traps is inhumane. It is also risky for those living in the house.

Adopting a natural approach to counter bugs is a favorable method. Learn about the common insects that can cause troubles for your furry friend. Find out ways to deal with them in a pet-friendly way. Try some of these:

Check your surroundings

Once an insect nests within your house, it is difficult to get rid of them. It is vital to keep a regular check inside the house as well as within the yard. Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors are even more susceptible to wasp and ticks. Thorough checking helps you spot down these dangers. One has to look out for small or medium-sized insect nests built within the cracks and cavities inside the house or yard. Given that cracks and holes are the main entry point for bugs to sneak in, you must make sure that you fix them on a regular basis.

Get rid of standing water

Stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos as well as every other critter that is looking for H2O. Wherever there are mosquitos, there are more chances of pets and people to develop itching. In some cases, it does not stay limited to itching, but it goes further to transmit heartworm larvae, especially to cats and dogs. This disease can prove fatal in severe cases.

Look out for all spots of standing water in and around your home, such as drainage pipes, flower pots and even dips on the roof. It is fundamental to ensure that water drains away from every possible collection space. Make sure that all trash cans and pots have holes at the bottom and there are no shacks in the garden or yard. Also if there is a pool nearby, it has to stay clean, chlorinated and covered, so the mosquitos and bugs stay away.

Clean and secure your garbage

Where there is garbage, there are definitely going to be fleas and ticks flying around. To stay on the safer side, you must make sure that all the garbage receptacles stay enclosed and clean. Leaving garbage for a prolonged period or not cleaning the bins leads to an intolerable smell. It soon becomes the favorite dwelling place for insects. You must take help from local garbage disposal agencies to take away the bins regularly. Wash the cans every other day to keep the unpleasant odors at a minimal level.

Tidy up your surroundings

Regular cleanliness inside the house prevents all kinds of dirt and insects. There must be routine washing and changing of the toys, sleeping area, bedding, crate, and food bowls. Apart from that, vacuuming and washing the linens should also be a part of the routine. A practice like this will help you deter pest infestations and deal with them immediately. There are many products in the market that are popular for having an amazing pet-friendly insect control like the proof bed bug spray. It uses patented technology and penetrates hard-to-reach areas where bed bugs hide like moldings and cracks. Due to its nature, it emits a scent that is strong but not hazardous to health.

Welcome bats and birds to your yard

Birds and bats are predators for insects so inviting them into the yard might help you reduce the bug population. You can put out food for birds on the ground, so they visit there more often. Or install bat houses, so the bats can start living there.

Trim tree limbs and shrubs

The higher a tree goes, the easier it gets for bugs to access your house. Tree limbs that connect to rooftops and fences can turn out to be an easy entry point for wasps. Similarly, shrubs that grow wildly are good hiding spots for pests. Pet owners must stay cautious of all these spots and trim the branches and shrubs on a regular basis to keep them neat.

Following these tips will help you ensure that your pet stays safe and lives a long, healthy life. A better defense system that works through natural methods can turn out to be quite helpful. It compels the bugs of every kind to stay away. Thus, this proves that there is not always a need for harsh traps or chemicals. One has to figure out pet-friendly ways for keeping out the insects. These ways go well with your tame animal’s lifestyle, too.