Designer Dresses 2019 - Tendencies, Stylish Images, News

The main feature of dresses in 2019 is simplicity and lightness. There are minimalistic models, models coupled with smooth feminine lines of styles and the most natural shades in many collections. Dresses in ethnic style are an exception, with a lot of decor and prints.

Besides, some models in the style of the 80s with the addition of modern elements will burst into the fashion world. Ra dresses, ruched, flounced are also a trend of 2019. Fashion designers present us in 2019 the following patterns:

  • Shirt dresses;

  • Dresses in ethnic style,

  • dresses without sleeves,

  • asymmetrical skirts,

  • dresses with floral/animalistic/ geometric prints;

  • Dresses with weaves;

  • Beige dresses;

  • Patchwork dresses;

  • Dresses with wide sleeves;

  • Blazer Dresses


Designer Dresses 2019 - Tendencies, Stylish Images, News

Fashionable shirtdresses

Fashionistas already love different variations on the theme of shirtdresses. Dress shirts have long been part of the primary women’s wardrobe. It looks both feminine and businesslike.

In 2019, shirtdresses will be a little more elegant and will get decorative elements.

Try to combine dresses with other clothes.

Such a palette of colors for shirtdresses will be interesting:

  • Pale blue;

  • Gray-blue;

  • Pale purple;

  • Muted turquoise;

  • Cream.


In addition to these, the shirt looks great in strict and vibrant colors:

  • brown;

  • Navy blue;

  • Dark olive.


Designer Dresses 2019 - Tendencies, Stylish Images, News

Fashionable dresses without sleeves

Robes with open shoulders have been at the peak of popularity for a long time! With the arrival of the new season, we were joined by dresses without sleeves at all, but with a closed chest part.

Off-shoulder outfits delighted us for several past seasons. In the new fashionable season, they dress without sleeves will join them, but already with a closed chest part. This fashion trend is common to all styles and models – from long dresses with an evening gown hem, to concise trapezium for every day.

Designer Dresses 2019 - Tendencies, Stylish Images, News

Dresses in ethnic style

These dresses correctly emphasize the original beauty of the girl. Ethno dresses are not stylish and comfortable only, but also in this way, you will emphasize respect for your culture.

In 2019, fashion designers propose to give preference to a fringe, animal print, decor in the form of medallions, leather and perforated inserts. The dress of the “Wild” style will be especially fashionable. Characteristic colors for this style are:

  • Brown;

  • Dark red;

  • Burgundy;

  • Orange.

Designer Dresses 2019 - Tendencies, Stylish Images, News

Trendy beige dresses

We have good news for lovers of nude shades! Among the trends in 2019, there are dresses of beautiful muted tones: coffee and milk, soft beige, sand, gray-beige with a steel sheet.

By the way, to look sexy in this dress, you can wear it without a bra. It will look cool if the upper part is in the form of draping.

Designer Dresses 2019 - Tendencies, Stylish Images, News

Fishnet dresses

Fishnet dresses are usually in summer variants – they are free, light, and enjoyable. Such an outfit will surely attract attention and others will appreciate it. A fishnet dress will accentuate the beauty of your figure, so to look awesome by the summer of 2019, go to the gym now.

However, by themselves, fishnet dresses should not be worn, they need to be combined. For example, with transparent tulle or chiffon robes, so that your bow does not look too frank.

Designer Dresses 2019 - Tendencies, Stylish Images, News

Dresses with an asymmetrical hem

Asymmetrical dresses always look very original. Every season designers change them a little with the help of small details.

In the fall, fashion designers make asymmetrical cuts and cuts on dresses, models with one long sleeve, and they can also be of different materials according to texture and color. Examples are Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Jason Wu.

Designer Dresses 2019 - Tendencies, Stylish Images, News

Dresses with a floral print

Dress with a floral print won great love among women of any age and all these thanks to the colorful colors. And it is not surprising, because they look very feminine and elegant.

Lovely miniature bouquets, large watercolor peonies, intricate chrysanthemums, abstract exotic and old-fashioned tapestry flowers are the basis of the fashionable bow of 2019th.

Dresses with full sleeves or voluminous shoulders

Exceptionally beautiful are mini-dresses with full sleeves! Paying tribute to the 80th, we rely on the maximum volume in the shoulders. Under such a dress are a perfect miniature bag-go and classic boat. If you need a compelling image for a party, such dresses perfectly suit you.

The secret of the season lies in the texture: create a bright image with leather, vinyl and metallic effect. Be sure, in the evening it will be impossible to look away from you.

Also, pay attention to exciting models with voluminous sleeves, which will give an image of chic!

Designer Dresses 2019 - Tendencies, Stylish Images, News

Fashionable patchwork dresses 2019

 Dresses in this style are very original and do not need to complement the image. The chip of patchwork dresses is that the shreds go randomly. The seams go with lace, many frills, beads, and other decorative elements.

And sometimes the seams are not decorated with anything. Besides, there is an option with the imitation of these seams or patches, in other words, print. This fashion trend allows you to demonstrate artistic taste and creative flight of fantasy.

Fashionable blazer dresses

Blazer dresses are familiar to us from previous seasons. However, in 2019 it will be in a decent place! Now in the top – double-breasted blazers primary colors, and the combination of different textured fabrics. These dresses can be of leather, tweed, satin or costume materials.

If you are a lover of fitted styles, pay attention to belts with heavy metal buckles, or wide leather belts. A blazer dress with cap elements will be at the peak of popularity. Perfectly complement this image gloves to the length of the elbow. And if you are still in search of a beautiful little dress for the new 2019, then pay attention to these models! Be stylish.


The article was contributed by Melisa Marzett. Apart from being a freelance writer, Melisa Marzett is a fashionista.
She writes for best online academic assistance, keeps an eye on fashion trends, travels and practices yoga. She is also into photography; her favorite photograph is Scott Schuman.