6 Most Awesome Tips to Find a Suitable Job

You can still get yourself a job even if it has been a year or so since you last worked. Some steps that you need to take are similar to what you would have taken a couple of years ago such as filling out job applications, attending professional events and working with employment agencies. The advent of the internet has also introduced some new steps that you can take. Nowadays, it is also possible for you to use career blog portals, online job boards, social networks and company websites for finding a suitable job for yourself.

Follow the steps outlined below and you will be successful in your endeavor of finding a good and deserving job:

  1. Make a personal website and list your resume, educational background and work experience on it. You can also consider removing the contact information on the website such as your telephone number and stress address mentioned on the online resume because millions of people can view it. Leave your email address so you can be contacted by potential employers. Don’t forget to add samples of your work if you are applying for jobs that require it such as web design or graphic design.
  2. Register on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You can also create an account on LinkedIn and other similar networks that target business leaders and companies who work in industries where you wish to work. Your profile on social networks should have a link to your website where hiring managers can learn more about your experience and skills. Your posts should include keywords so you can be located by recruiters when they search online for candidates.
  3. You can get an ad published in your local newspaper. Include it in both print and online versions to give the ad exposure. Your talents and skills should be mentioned in the ad and run it for a week or two in order to get a response.
  4. There are various internet job boards such as Career Builder, Simply Hired, Indeed and Monster where you can post your resume. Use keywords in your resume pertaining to the type of job you are looking for and the chances of it being found by recruiters will increase.
  5. Visit websites of those companies where you want to work. Some companies don’t use internet job boards for listing job openings; they use their websites for that purpose. You can do a keyword search by job such as engineer and writer and location for pulling up a listing of available jobs. You can also use telephone or email for contacting human resource recruiters at different companies.
  6. Go to events that are hosted by professional associations, which operate in industries in which you want to work. You can pass out your business cards at the event and let everyone know that you are in search of a job. Give the event one to two weeks and follow up with the new contacts you have made. You may get the job you are after.