5 Tips to Writing Fashion Blogs That Impress, Engage, and Convert Readers

According to a study by Opinion Research Corporation, 61 percent of consumers’ purchase decisions about a product is influenced by reading recommendations on a blog. But you are already aware of the importance of blogging, which is why you already have one. However, if your blog is getting no traffic, how are you going to generate those links and increase your sales.

In an age where 81 percent of people tend to search and read about products and services online before making a purchase, businesses need to make an effort to engage better with their prospective customers. In the overcrowded digital ecosystem, only those who can garner bigger visibility and engage better with potential customers can hope to attract better online sales.

But how do you do that? How do you recreate that feeling in the digital space which a face to face communication can have? Well, for starters, captivating content writing is the best way to engage and convert readers. Using the right words and the right strategy can have a significant impact on viewers, thus converting casual visitors into loyal customers.

Writing fashion blogs:

The content marketing trends for fashion industry work similarly like other industries. No matter the type and size of your brand, interesting blogs and attractive descriptions will go a long way in keeping fashion shoppers and customers glued to your site. Whether you are running an online leather skin shop or selling some beauty products, quality blogs can significantly increase the brand visibility of your fashion label and attract more customers towards your brand.

This article is going to be your best resource if you want your fashion blog overdrive your sales. Make sure you factor the following tips into your blogs in order to get the desired outcome.

Keep yourself updated:

If you are creating web content for a fashion brand, you need to stay updated on the latest fashion trends. It is a necessity for every brand and not just a choice. Staying informed about the changes in the fashion industry is a mandate that needs to be followed in fashion content writing. Blogs that include up to date content are more useful and generates a lot of interest amongst readers.

Understand your audience:

It is important to understand your customers’ behavior and what they want from you. Tools like Alexa’s search engine tool will inform you about your current level of engagement with the audience. Simply typing in your blog address in Alexa’s homepage will show you different traffic metrics including bounce rate, daily page viewers and daily time on site. It will also help you with audience demographics, identifying their age, gender, and educational level.

According to Adespresso, only 3 percent of your site’s visitors are ready to make a purchase. It is the job of a good blogger to understand the staggering 97 percent of viewers, engage them and give them exactly what they are looking for. Sending personalized emails and newsletters can prove effective in getting their attention.

You need to get a bit creative to know about people’s most pressing questions and concerns. Once you have a better grip on your audience and what they want from you, you are in a better position to impress them and turn them into buyers.

Create content of value:

Everyone wants to create content that goes viral, but most of them fail. This is because they do not give attention to the factors required to create successful posts. The following tips can be helpful in creating valuable content.

Get the headline right:

The first thing you need to consider is to write a proper headline. 8 out of 10 people will read if you get your headline right. Consider this famous ad from John Caples.

It is a perfect example of grabbing the reader’s attention with a little bit of storytelling. It connects with the reader and gets them hooked to the content.

Get the length right:

The length of the content is also an important factor to consider. Studies reveal that pages of 1,500 words or more show better results in search engine rankings in terms of organic traffic. Long-form content is performing better as users tend to stay longer on such pages which consequently results in more backlinks and social shares. However, the word limit should be extended only if it adds value to the content.

Have an idea for the blog:

 The next tip is to creating quality content is have a killer idea that will go viral on social media platforms. You can do it by using the keyword suggestion tools like Ubersearch and Buzzsumo. These tools will help you generate blog post ideas, keywords, and phrases that you can use in your blog. You can also find blog ideas by interacting with your readers. Readers’ comment on a blog post can be a good source for generating new ideas.

Respond to comments:

If readers have taken their time to write a thoughtful comment on your fashion blog, you need to respond to it properly. You can engage with the readers and get to know what they feel about the blog. Working on their feedback, you can create more engaging content and compel your readers to purchase your commodity or service. Your audience will also gladly promote and share your work on their networks and advocate for you; hence, increasing the blog traffic and ultimately, the sales.

Craft collaborative posts:

Collaborative posts are the blog posts that include the experiences of others (such as your blog followers) along with your expertise. This not only engages your followers with the blog but also get your content in front of new eyes. Since such blogs involve your followers, you can ask them to share it on their networks and expand your circle of audience. You can also reach out to different bloggers and experts to attract an audience from their circles.


With the current cut-throat competition in the online fashion market, you need to carefully craft fashion content to make an impression. By following these tips, you not only open new channels of engagement with the audience but also ensure that your sales overdrive.