When you start playing lotteries, there are a few things that you should learn first. The first step should be to learn the basic rules of participation in the lottery. Different lotteries can have different rules as to the range of numbers available to you and how many numbers you have to pick. Some lotteries require you to pick all the numbers from the same range whereas some require you to pick a bonus number from a different range as well. These are the rules of the lottery. However, you can also use some tools to help you increase your chances of winning the lottery. Not a lot of people are aware of these tools.

Today’s story is about a woman who participated in lotteries for several years without realizing what Smart Pick tool was all about. Here is how her story goes.

I Was a Proud UK 49s Player

It is surprising that a majority of the people in my social circle take part in lotteries. I had always maintained the high grounds when it came to lotteries because I always participated in UK 49s. When we talked about lotteries, I was the one who always told them how the lottery I was taking part in was special. I told them I could pick even one ball and increase my stake to win a big prize. I even took pride in the fact that UK 49s’ draws took place two times a week. When it came to my friends, most of them were participating in lotteries that had only two draws in a week or just one.

However, I was not so proud when it came to the winnings. I had been participating in UK 49s for quite some time with my lucky numbers without any luck. My friends often taunted me for this. They often said things like, “What good is your lottery when you can’t win anything after so many years?” Of course, I could only remain silent when they said this.

The Story of My Lucky Numbers

Lotteries are completely random and every lottery player should know that. It does not matter what numbers you pick and what logic you use to pick those numbers, matching or not matching is going to be based on your luck. For me, I had a combination of lucky numbers which I always picked when I participated in the lottery. I always picked five numbers and all of these numbers were my lucky numbers. These numbers included my date of birth, the date of my wedding, and some other important numbers. I am shy to call them my lucky numbers over and over because they never won me anything.

I often wondered on the UK49s website after seeing the results and came across this “UK49s Smart Pick” tool several times. However, I never paid attention to that because all I was concerned with was picking my lucky numbers and waiting for the results. Things changed when I finally paid attention to the “Smart Pick” tab on the website and clicked on it.

Smart Pick Tool Is My Savior

When I landed on the Smart Pick tool page on UK49s website, I saw a random number generator on the page. I clicked on the “generate” button and it gave me six random numbers. I said to myself, “So that’s it?” A Smart Pick tool was there to generate random numbers for me and nothing else. I then read the description under the tool and was completely blown away. This tool was much more than a random number generator. From the description I concluded that it was really a “smart” tool that took into account only the most frequently appearing numbers from the past results.

So, it had a database of all the results in the past. This tool dives into the pool of data and starts collecting only the numbers that have appeared the most number of times in the past. After collecting those numbers, it starts mixing them. After mixing them, it presents them to you in a completely random order. That’s what the Smart Pick tool is all about. I said goodbye to my lucky numbers instantly and picked only four numbers from the Smart Pick tool.

My Smart Pick Move Was Smart

Before I get into the details of how I won, you have to know that even the smart number generator cannot guarantee you any lottery win. The chances of you winning with the smart numbers are a bit high because they have appeared over and over in the past results. On the other hand, the lucky numbers that you are picking might be cold numbers that have appeared in the results the least number of times. So, I have to admit here that I am one of the luckiest people on earth as the four numbers I picked matched the drawn numbers.

With £2 stake on the numbers I had picked, my prize money was more than I could have imagined and expected. It was my first lottery win and I am not ashamed to say that it was due to the numbers that were randomly generated by a smart tool. My lucky numbers did not do anything for me. However, it does not mean that your lucky numbers will never for you either. Anything can work for anyone, and that’s the beauty of lotteries. However, the best thing about UK 49s is that you can pick one, two, three, four or five balls and increase or decrease your stakes.

Pick Your Numbers Smartly

I am not trying to be a lottery guru here but I will tell you something important. Lotteries are all about chance. The only strategy you have when playing a lottery is to increase your chances of winning. The way to increase your winning chances is by picking numbers that are expected to appear in the next draws based on their statistics. If you have been participating in UK 49s without any luck for a long time, I recommend you to use the Smart Pick tool for a change. You might be riding your favorite car in you favorite color just like me if you win.