Interesting Advancements in the Way People Communicate Today

If you take a look at the past couple of decades of technological progress, you will notice that communication has been the center of focus. First, it was voice being carried over PSTN lines. After that, people saw voice chat coming to the internet. Soon, it was video chat and then video conferences. However, advancements in the way people communicate today are still in the happening to this day. You can say that the focus has shifted from “just communication” to “convenience in communication”. Let’s take a look at a few examples to understand today’s advancements in communication.

Signs of Convenience in Communication

Canned Responses

The first thing that should get your attention is the canned responses. Google has been working on this particular aspect of communication for a long time. What if you are really tired and don’t feel like typing your responses? Couldn’t you just send a response without typing or saying it? With canned or auto-responses, you can respond to people’s questions instantly. These instant responses are generated by computers as a result of AI and machine learning.

Voice Transcriptions

VoIP has gone to a whole new level with voice transcriptions. Today, your voice messages don’t have to be in the form of voice. If you are busy in the office, you can receive them in the form of written text. The whole process can be automatic. As soon as a voice message lands in your voice mail box, it gets transcribed and sent to you in an email. In short, all forms of communication are now possible from one workstation or device only.

Phone Interpreter Services

In this market, you find companies like Chatlas. It is companies like Chatlas that have given rise to the phone interpretation services. Today, if you need to talk to someone on the phone who does not speak your language, you can use Chatlas interpreters to make the job easy for you. Without gaining access to your private information, they will interpret your messages and the person you are talking to for a smooth conversation.

AI Assistants

In some tasks, you are better off using the AI assistants such as the one from Google. You can call for Google Assistant’s help in any conversation. The assistant can help you share any content related to anything instantly. Just type or say the word and it will search the web for you. When possible, it will provide you with the answer in a voice format as well. However, AI assistants are still not good enough to provide phone interpreting services.

Final Thoughts

You can see that today’s focus is making the communication so convenient that human involvement is minimum. In a recent launch event, Google even announced that your AI assistant can book appointments on your behalf too. However, such technologies still need time to be refined. For example, AI assistants still sound like computer to this day. However, it is clear from today’s advancements in communication technology that things will be quite different in the coming times.