Everything you Need to Know about Virtual Phone Numbers

Unique geographical numbers that are used for sending or receiving Voice or text messages without being associated with a telephone line directly are called virtual phone numbers. In technical terms, these are also referred to as Access Numbers or Direct Inward Dialing numbers (DIDs) and they don’t require any hardware or physical line, such as an actual phone or SIM card, to be activated. Thus, virtual numbers are not associated with a specific piece of hardware and are usually used for forwarding calls to another number, which can be mobile, landline or VoIP. They can also be associated with a completely different geographical location than the device to which they are forwarded.

Due to the forwarding option with virtual phone numbers, it is possible to receive incoming calls in a different country without having to buy a SIM card or telephone line in that country.

Why use a Virtual Phone Number?

Make international calls at affordable rates

As virtual numbers are not associated with any particular area, you can set them to any area code or country. Hence, people calling from that country will not have to pay the charges of a long-distance call. This provides people with a local number they can send texts to or call. It reduces costs for both businesses and their clients. Therefore, startups, small businesses and various other organizations are signing up for virtual phone numbers because it allows them to establish a presence in almost any city or country around the globe without having a physical office.

Forward calls to any device

Call forwarding is one of the most notable perks associated with virtual numbers and you can forward calls to mobile, landline or VoIP devices. This means that they can be used as a gateway between traditional phone systems and internet telephony. Furthermore, virtual phone numbers can be used for forwarding calls to a number of devices like a work phone during office hours and mobile phone throughout the day. The calls can also be forwarded to an extension to ensure customers are reaching the right person when they need.

Stay professional

One of the major goals of most businesses these days is to keep their costs at a minimum. Lots of online businesses don’t have sleek office space for their operations because they want to stay competitive. But, they still want to come off as professional to their clients so they appear trustworthy. Virtual phone numbers can help in this regard. Businesses can sign up with them and forward calls to their mobile numbers where custom greetings can be set. Customers will never know virtual numbers are being used and even when you call back, the business number will appear as caller ID.

Who Benefits from Virtual Numbers?

Any organization or business can use virtual numbers to avoid having to set up an expensive phone system while still allowing clients and customers to call them on a phone number. These numbers boost productivity and enable flexibility, excellent perks in today’s mobile space.