Amazing Ways Virtual Phone Systems can Make Life Easier

There are only a handful of businesses that start with a full bank account and a sleek corporate office. For most entrepreneur, every dollar they earn in reinvested and every hour is spent on growing and expanding their business. Thus, if a business wishes to survive in the long run, it cannot afford to waste time or resources. Therefore, small business owners are switching to virtual phone systems for staying relevant in today’s extremely competitive marketplace. If you are unable to decide whether to go virtual or not, you should know the amazing ways virtual systems can make life easier and improve communication:

Productivity on the go

With a virtual phone system, you can work from pretty much anywhere. There is no need for you to be at your desk for that important fax or call to come in. Calls can be routed instantly to your mobile phone, faxes are forwarded to your email as PDF files and voicemails are sent to your inbox as a text or MP3. Thanks to this unsurpassed flexibility, you can go for meeting or make sales calls while still staying connected with your business.

Redirect calls easily

When you are out of the office, call screening prevents you from being bombarded with phone calls. Virtual systems give you the option of redirecting calls to the right person or department. There are numerous features that you can use such as call forwarding, call transfers etc. You can put callers on hold without them realizing and also set away greetings to let them know when you are unavailable to answer. Greetings can be customized for specific times of the day as well like lunch-hour.

Establish a professional appearance

Small businesses and startup companies are usually full of hassles and chaos. There are lots of things going up and down, but you don’t want your customers to know. Obviously, you want to maintain a professional appearance no matter how or where you are working from. With a virtual system, you can do exactly that. As mentioned above, you can set customizable main greetings and then provide them with a company-wide name directory to decide who they wish to speak to. You can even set custom commercials and music that will play when your customers are on hold.

Expanding with your business

You started the business with the aim of achieving big-time success, so why should you be limited by your phone system? Your phone system should expand alongside your business. Virtual systems provide you with unlimited extensions and you can add one without any hassle. As a matter of fact, in a virtual system, every employee has the freedom of customizing their own voicemail, call forwarding and message delivery settings.

In these amazing ways, virtual phone systems allow a business to maximize their cost savings and offer extremely professional and prompt services to clients. They are able to maintain a good image and can add onto the system as their operations expand and grow.