10 Amazing Decorating and Design Trends to Follow When Doing Home DecorCredit: Decoration0

Stepping into a professionally designed home can be jarring, but in a positive way.  “You mean people actually live like this?” you may jealously exclaim. Whether you are visiting a neighbor down the street or you are at a vocational rental, stepping into a well designed interior leaves you in awe. But here is the interesting part, achieving the same look in your home is not that hard. Bit by bit, you can slowly transform your home’s interiors into something from a design catalog.

In the last decade, we have witnessed the emergence of a number of home decor trends. While some have had the staying power, many others have gone down even before they went mainstream. If you are looking to create a sleek, modern aesthetic look in your home, then it may be a good idea to follow home decor trends that not only create exquisite interiors, but are also functional and may last a few years before going out of vogue.

1. Moroccan Poufs

Moroccan PoufsCredit: Elizabethlaurenart

Moroccan poufs are available in many different shades, shapes, and colors, which makes it easy to find a style that complements your overall home decor but they are also functional pieces of furniture that can be used as footrests or to provide extra seating. They are both modern and exotic and are available in a rainbow of colors.

2. Use Lots of Brass

Use Lots of BrassCredit: Imsaid

It is amazing how brass cutlery can instantly create a posh look in a modern home. But do not limit yourself to the kitchen; this warm metal can be incorporated into your home design in many other ways; from lighting to accessories.

3. Keep Your Walls Elegantly Covered

Elegantly Covered WallsCredit: Boulderinn

Wall paper and paint are what pop into mind when covering the walls gets mentioned but you can go on a limb and use interesting and eye-catching details instead of, or together with them. For example you can select and arrange plastic flowers on the whole to create pattern and color palettes that contrast with the rest of the room.

4. All White Kitchens

All White KitchensCredit: Thekitchenexperts

A decade ago, the all white kitchen was all the rage, but the trend soon drew criticism for being a cold, stark and humorless. It was even described as a way of glorifying the control freak look. However, with the new white glass kitchen and glossy black kitchen appliance on the market today, opting for an all white kitchen can be a great way to add cleanliness and calm, unlike ubiquitous stainless steel.

5. Venetian Marbled Prints

Venetian Marbled PrintsCredit: Architectlover

These are intricate, swoopy patterns commonly found in old books that evoke the romanticism of a pre-digital, bygone era. These prints are no seeing a renaissance in 2014 and you can use them on everything from gold leafed porcelain and finely silk-screened linens to the choicest of wallpaper.

6. Fake Taxidermy

Fake TaxidermyCredit: Progressionbydesign

This is another big one in eclectic modern design but remember, animal heads fashioned out of plaster, cardboard or ceramic have a limited shelf life.

Matching chairs is one home decor rule you can break without having to worry about anything.

7. Paint Your Closet

Paint Your ClosetCredit: Ahouseblog

Who said your closet has to be a dull white shade? Paint it in your favorite color instead. For example, you can create a more luxurious look by painting it in blue dusk and using unlacquered brass rods to hand your clothing instead of having the usual chrome rods against a white backdrop.

8. Use Corduroy Upholstery

Use Corduroy UpholsteryCredit: Andrewachs

This is the preppy version of chenille and it is a good alternative to velvet. Corduroy really looks cool on formal chairs and since the material is available in rich colors, it is ideal for creating a posh look in the home.

9. Antique Furniture

Antique FurnitureCredit: Timticks

Period furniture never seems to go away, not for long anyway. These beautiful old pieces can be matched and mixed with modern pieces to create a contemporary look.

10. Have a Door Mat, Use a Runner Instead

Have a Door Mat, Use a Runner InsteadCredit: Thefloordecor

Even the smallest changes can make a big difference, such as your doormat. Your house’s interior needs to be elegant, but it should also be welcoming. A runner made from vintage saris or other material leading to the entry is a great way to create this feel.

Wrapping Up

It is possible to be both trendy and timeless with your home decor. While trends come and go, timelessness lasts forever. You can visit an interior designing or home decor website for tips on how to create a beautiful interior that combines timelessness and trendiness.